Technology Innovation

With respect to its oil exploration business, with years of development and growth, Sinochem has gradually set up a dynamic and well-equipped scientific and technological team with rich experience and high spirit, as well as an external expert team consisting of well-known industry experts and academicians. Sinochem has also constructed a fully functional technology platform capable of oil and gas reservoir description, geological modeling and numerical reservoir simulation. Backed by the practices and results of Sinochem’s own oil-field development and production, this platform plays an important role in rapid evaluation and acquisition of overseas oil and gas resources as well as exploration and development of oil and gas fields. In September 2010, the post-doctoral research stations were approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, so as to provide new channels to Sinochem for building up technology exchange platforms, accelerating talents introduction and cultivation, intensifying independent innovations and enhancing core technological strength.

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